Monday, 26 January 2009

Gypsy by The Martini Slutz with Unlucky Fried Kitten

Mildred Littlefair...who was gypsy girl Marnie Allbright in a previous life.

Marnie Allbright was a gypsy girl known around the Weald of Kent as a ferocious camp-site dancer. She made dance her medium in a time before television and radio were the norm...and people flocked from yards around to see her frenetic fire-side gyrations...incorporating a cast of woodland animals...mostly rabbits and wildcats.
Fire was discovered a long time before the rabbit...most historians concur...and Marnie fused the two together with remarkable style. Old eye-witness accounts say that "when she danced her feet never touched the floor" (perhaps she was wearing shoes)
Marnies is documented in the anthology "15 Short Stories For Squirrels" written by a young Andy Export..and buried in a box at The Hilly Fields in the valley between Brenchley and Castle Hill. The manuscript was buried in Andy himself and he claims it was never recovered....though there have been rumours that it has exchanged hands for £14 (plus £1.99 post and packaging)...yet to be substantiated.
The song itself..."Gypsy" was recorded in an aircraft hanger at West Malling a housing estate called Kingshill. Astute observers will recognise that West Malling Airfield has played it's own part in rock history as the location for The Beatles "Magical Mystery Tour" film of 1967. The airfield furthered it's link to the pop landscape when punk band 'V2086'...named after the Catalogue number to the Sex pistols "Never mind The Bollocks" album...signed their ill-fated record deal in the Spitfire to Asda...on the estate. 'V2086' vanished mid-way through a gig at the Royal Albion boozy biker pub in Havock Lane, the late 80's. They have not surfaced since. Their much-rejoiced debut single "Pop Group" can still be heard in The UFK Dollshouse...with an accompanying slideshow on YouTube.
Marnie Allbright came back in a later life as Mildred Littlefair...the psychic who has worked so closely with Unlucky Fried Kitten in the UFK Dollshouse. She likes cats.
The Beatles went on to have a successful recording career...only eclipsed by the emergence of global genius Chad Kroeger and his astonishingly innovative rock band, Nickelback.

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